February 1, 2015

As long as I wake up breathing, I am in control of my emotions. I know in my heart I am entitled to have joy in my Life. And I am going to pursue that inner joy in the simple realization of being alive. That, which goes on outside me is not nearly as strong as the power of Love going on within me, and has no control over my joy. And I’ve discovered something amazing, as my positive attitude toward Life increases, there is a huge decrease in the number of creeps, jerks, and assholes I once thought I saw everywhere.

Speaking to an audience of U.S. Army soldiers at Fort Richardson in Anchorage, Alaska, about having a Love Life attitude to the point where we just simply fall in Love with the act of breathing. A hand goes up in the air while I’m excitedly expounding on the importance of loving our life. After I acknowledged the young man, he promptly asked this question, “But what about all the assholes?” The house came down in laughter. I asked how old he was and he told me he was twenty. And I said, “I guarantee you, somewhere, somebody, already thinks you’re an asshole. My ex swears up and down there’s one living at my house.” Again, the house came down. LOVE LIFE, and instead of judging another because of something we do not like in them, we can use that energy we used judging them, instead, in an effort to make sure we are never like that ourselves.