January 30, 2015

I love life. I love all the other humans in this life. I love all animals in this life. I love our earth. I love breathing. Nothing is more positive and powerful than love. Love defeats all negatives in life. Love accepts all others and respects all others right to their own unique individuality. I’ve learned to be secure enough in my own individuality so as to resist the urge to try and convince others to make the same personal choices I’ve made for my Life’s path. Their choices felt just as right to them as did mine to me.

Treat life as a person you see in your room when you wake, reach over and grab them and make them to do exactly what you want to do that day. Repeat this daily until they automatically do exactly what you want every day. You will eventually discover it was but your own reflection in the mirror, you’ll recognize the smile. Loving life is just something we as individuals determine to do. We simply make our mind up to Love Life and take the energy we’ve spent blaming it and put it toward loving it. Life is never our enemy; our attitude toward Life is our enemy, or our friend. To Love Life is to use the express lane to the beauty of Life.

LOVE LIFE, so very much, so strongly, and so down right stubbornly, that no negatives will ever want to waste their time trying to break through the solid wall of Love you will have surrounding you.