January 28, 2015

This was written in 2005 just after I lost my little girl, by Oklahoma City poet, Michael Steven Edwards, aka “MyKalangelo.” I’ve been asked to repost it. I post it to encourage others to have hope, to carry on, to LOVE your LIFE.


Prices are higher
war continues longer,
social security more debatable,
politicians attack each other,
president approval a roller coaster,
stock market unpredictable,
self-centered people
in their self-centered worlds,
and here we are.
Overwhelmed and dismayed.
As we look at our world
from our small little view
we think all that exists
are the places we see.
How complex we think are our lives
that even God can’t help.
The paths we travel each day
are all there can be.
Preoccupied we hurry daily
missing life as we rush by.
So serious are our problems!
Maybe we lost our perspective. Why?
How self-important we are!
How our pain is much worse
than our neighbor’s.
I recently was introduced to a man
who has walked coast to coast three times.
He lost a son, then a daughter.
Yet his message is not
my pain is greater than yours.
And by comparison my problems seem so small.
His message is Love Life! And that’s what he does.
He says Life lifts him up and carries him through.
If anyone has a right to lay it down it was he,
“Love Life”! “Share it with others
that’s about all.”
What an example, his world is definitely not small.

Copyright MyKalangelo 2005 all rights reserved.