January 28, 2015 ROUTE UPDATE

1/28/2015. I have two new wonderful friends, Joy and Annie. Joy and Annie opened their home to me and rescued me from the forecasted coming snow storm. Fortunately, Brattleboro, Vermont, was not hit nearly as hard as the coastal areas. I have been treated wonderfully and am warm and very well fed. Acquiring new friends such as these two fine human beings is the greatest asset in doing what I do. When we concentrate on positive instead of negative that is a LOVE LIFE attitude. With a LOVE LIFE attitude we then meet others with a LOVE LIFE attitude. And then, everything is just peachy! So, what the hell you waiting for, commence to Loving Life!

Tomorrow morning, Joy will drop me off in Brattleboro and I will walk into New Hampshire and try to make it into Keene, NH before dark and get a motel room. If I can get a room reasonable enough, I will stay until Sunday because the temps are forecasted to be minus zero over the weekend.

From Keene, NH, I will take NH 101 thru Marlborough, Peterborough, Wilton, Milford, Bedford, Manchester, and S. Hooksett, where I’ll take NH 27 to NH 33 to U.S. Hwy 1 to Portsmouth, NH and then cross into Maine at Kittery, ME. That will give me a total of 8 crossings of the U.S. carrying that big beautiful “LOVE LIFE” sign. I will then head back south (my favorite direction) on U.S. 1 toward Florida!