January 26, 2015

From Jeremy Schaefer in response to all the thank you comments from my Facebook friends for finding the wonderful couple who are opening their home to me during the coming snow storm: Thank you Jeremy for your coast to coast run and your caring for others. We all are delighted you are still with us!

“Thank you all, and thank you Steve Fugate!! I did run across the country, but I also did it to represent others suffering with mental health. I myself have suffered with severe depression most my life, and at one point tried taking my own life. In time many things have changed. Honestly I’m lucky to be alive. I’m also lucky to have a beautiful boy of my own. I’m lucky to have had the chance to experience even running across the country. Without the love of others I wouldn’t be where I am today. Thanks Steve for shinning a light on love, I’m just another product of it, and I’m happy as hell to have helped in passing it on to another. Take care friend!! I hope to actually meet you some day.”