January 23, 2015

Never ever allow the words or actions of another to distract you from who YOU are. When we allow that, we’ve stepped down from the position in life we have acquired. THAT position from which we have advanced to, to not say or do those things to anyone else, which were said or done to us. That position which comes only from allowing wisdom to be produced from experience, ALL experiences. A few years ago, when my walks first started generating some national attention, I was all excited that the big beautiful, “LOVE LIFE” sign over my head was being seen. I was excitedly reading a blog attached to the story on me done by either CNN Headline News, or, USA Today. Sorry, cannot remember which. And I saw a couple absolutely cruel remarks about me. How could they say that about me? They do not even know me! I was crushed. About two weeks later I was looking for a Mother Teresa quote and you will never believe what I found! I swear, I actually came upon a blog consisting of people who did not like Mother Teresa!! Just how in the hell could anyone not like Mother Teresa? From that day on I never allowed negative attention to bother me again. Remember my friends, the assholes are here for two reasons, to make us stronger. And after that, they are here strictly for our entertainment! LOVE LIFE and let the entertainment begin!!