January 19, 2015

WOW!! 15 years, 39,000 miles, and nearly eight complete walks across America and I am still blown away by the absolute goodness of people and the CHANCE meeting of those good people. A lady who went to school with my little girl, Shelly,posted on my Fb page an offer to get me a room for the night. The temp was dropping, and, as my tent got wet from rain the night before and I knew it would be frozen solid, I decided to take her up on it. I contacted her but never heard back from her. So I resigned myself to the fact I had to sleep in my tent for the night, frozen or not! I’ve done this for 15 years, I can do any damn thing I have to do! My route, NY 7, switched to I-90 in Schenectady, NY and I’m not allowed on Interstate Highways. I could not figure out by my map how I was supposed to get around this problem. The Stardust Motel was at the intersection of NY and I-90. So, I went to the motel and asked the owner, a lady of Indian descent, how to proceed to NY 7 where I was allowed to walk. She asked me why I walk. After telling her, she broke into tears and said in her strong Indian accent, “I know, I know! Every single day I start it with tears! My son, he did what your son did! Not five years yet… every day I cry!” She then went to her computer and printed out the correct route for me. We talked about our hearts being crushed. Then I left to walk the half mile back to where I should have turned. As I entered the parking lot of the C-store at the intersection, there stood the lady from the motel next to her car. “Would you please stay at our motel for the night sir, would be an honor to have you.” You may cry at this point if you wish, I certainly did! I walked back to her motel and her first words when I entered the lobby were, “What kind of pizza do you want, we are having a pizza delivered to your room.” My hope is that you all become mature enough to LOVE LIFE no matter what, and then, reap the benefits of loving your Life.