January 17, 2015

1/17/2015. From Cobleskill, NY. Thursday, I stopped in a little C-store and deli at Maryland, NY. The lady working there revealed to me that she lost her son tosuicide in 2013. She made me an awesome breakfast at no charge and made me a great foot long for the road. Her ex-husband, father of her son, came in and he and I talked as well. Two people brought me hot coffee. A couple stopped and gave me a coffee, piece of apple pie, and hot clam chowder. They also called a friend and asked could I spend the night in their old travel trailer located directly across the street from a C-store in Worcester. Yesterday, Laura stopped and put her emergency blinkers on because the snow was coming down so hard, helped me load up my cart and drove me over to the Best Western and used her employee discount to get me a room! She said she had just started following me on Facebook. She told me she has a 14 year-old daughter and really believes in what I’m doing.

This morning in the motel restaurant, Craig was my waiter. He told me he is a recovering drug addict and that he now works with young people in his community. He was really excited about my “LOVE LIFE” walks. I introduce myself to EVERYBODY! I smile at EVERYBODY! I will talk to EVERYBODY! I Love EVERYBODY! I do this because I’ve learned that Love ricochets off EVERYBODY and bounces right back to me. I just love how that works! And that my friends is why I LOVE LIFE so very much. If we want joy around us we must be a joy to be around.