January 13, 2015


I will leave Oneonta,NY tomorrow morning. Want to share these words from my favorite writer, James Allen 1864-1912. May they have as much meaning for you as they have me. LOVE LIFE.

LOVE: Love illuminates the intellect; without it the intellect is blind and cold and lifeless. Love succeeds where the intellect fails; sees where the intellect is blind; knows where the intellect is ignorant, Reason is only completed in Love, and is ultimately absorbed in it. Love is the Supreme Reality in the universe, and as such it contains all Truth.

LIFE: Life is ever unfolding from within, and revealing itself to the light, and thoughts engendered in the heart at last reveal themselves in words, actions, and things accomplished. As the fountain from the hidden spring, so flows forth a man’s life from the secret recesses of his heart. All that he is and does is generated there. All that he will be and do will take its rise there. ~ James Allen