January 12, 2015

1/12/2015. I’m still in Oneonta, New York and will be until Wednesday morning.

Are you afraid? Do you have a cloud of fear surrounding you that you can look through only when you’re staying busy and not thinking about how unstable the world is? Not me. I do not bow to fear, any type of fear. I am equipped with common sense, you know, a realistic view. I am not about to let any incident, anywhere in the world which I have absolutely no control over, to generate fear within my Life. Fear is a negative and I do not do negatives. Not doing negatives and defeating fear, then the pure Love that resides in my heart is able to remain free to flow to my precious fellow human being. And without fear I remain calm and can more wisely look at things much more clearly.

No doubt, the presence of evil in the world is becoming more and more obvious to us all. We mustn’t forget logic though. If those who allow evil to control them, instead, allowed Love to be their master, they would not then commit the evil deed. Logic also says, I cannot control the choice between evil or Love in another, I can only control my choices. And just because another chooses evil, doesn’t change the reality that if they loved instead, there would be no evil deed committed. So, instead of allowing their choice to dominate my life with fear, I’m going to make the right choice, Love, pure Love. I have seen the power of Love. I have seen the effect it has on others when they can feel that love coming from me, from anyone. It creates a spirit of Love, not a spirit of fear. I know, that the choice to make sure Love and not fear is flowing from me, will indeed affect others positively in my Life and can absolutely be a deterrent to evil. We mustn’t allow fear to make us passive keeping us from using the only real power that prevents evil. Love over fear is the sure way each of us, individually, can make a permanent difference in the world.

I have lost both my babies! And the Love they had for me insist that I have joy in my life. And in respect to their memory, I’ll be damn if some evil religious fanatic or anyone else in this world is going to deny me my joy with fear!!!! LOVE LIFE, make a difference.Oneonta NY map