January 10, 2015

Please accept yourself just exactly the way you are right now, even though you may have much higher expectations for yourself. Contentment with self is the beginning of confidence in self. And we all know what self-confidence can achieve.

LOVE LIFE means just that, to love the life you have right now, the life which is in front of us right now and not one we wish it to be. To love life is to love the fact we are alive, that we have air to breathe. That we realize before anything else is presented to us after we awake, that we have indeed first been granted the gift of life. I call it falling in love with the act of breathing. My key to a love life attitude is to look not for perfection outside me, but to find the perfection of who I really am inside me, the one I was created to be the “I am”. Who we really are, is a calm and gentle soul. A soul that judges not, hates not, and angers not, a soul that knows only Love.

I believe, when one focuses on the Love of their gift of Life, no matter what is going on around us, we are exercising a faith. We are defeating the fears which generate anger, blame, complaining, worry and doubt. We then are able to start finding our own strength within, our own special strength, individually and uniquely different from everyone else’s in the world. We then do not succumb to the fear which causes us to stay in the herd, and can then better hear our different drummer over the monotonous drumming of the evil herd mentality. Our strength is not in numbers, but is instead, in finding who we truly are within, discovering and then relying on our own unique individuality. Then relying on our own intuitiveness and then following our own heart.

I believe that a truly unique individual stands alone and rejects the herd mentality of modern society because they have no fear of being alone; they are confident within themselves and totally self-reliant. They follow but their own heart. The mavericks of the world are not followers of groups, parties, and creeds devised by someone else, they listen to a different drummer. And how is a maverick stopped from being a maverick? By being placed back in the herd, of course. I Love you all very much. LOVE LIFE.