January 8, 2015

1/8/2014. I feel, the updates I post, to be positive messages from my heart. My first message to others of course, LOVE LIFE. And I am going to deliver my message straight from my heart just as I believe it to be.

There is a most magnificent power I’ve found. I personally, believe it comes from the center of the Universe. I call it, That Infinite Spirit of Love, Life, and Wisdom. I found it when I discovered my own unique innate individuality and began following but my own heart. And when following my own heart, I’ve found, I am then in tune with That Infinite Spirit of Love, Life, and Wisdom. My Life then flows much smoother and opened to me, is a Love more powerful than any Love I could ever generate on my own. Without tuning into this Universal power outside me, I would have never found this pure and powerful source of Love. It is not manmade. I found this Love when I stopped following manmade ideas which try to group us as a whole instead of the separate unique and beautiful individuals we all are. Ideas, such as, the one size fits all philosophies, creeds, parties, and doctrines of the numerous manmade groups dominating today’s society. Diversions which keep us from finding each our own unique innate individuality. That power, which is Love, is not divided into parts nor into groups. The discovery of DNA is the latest proof of just how very different we are, one from the other. We are all unique in 7 billion, just how in the hell could one size fit us all? I, like ALL others, have been created as a separate individual, an individual beautifully unique and different each from the other. So, I must follow my own heart and not the ideas of manmade groups created by someone other than myself, somewhere in time. I no longer follow those manmade groups for a very simple reason, I am not a follower. Think about it, anything you’ve ever really learned in your Life which genuinely stuck with you, you learned on your own. Life does not do group therapy. Hear that? That’s the different drummer. Which is, simply, the beating of your own heart. To your own heart be true.

I’ve been told, I’m living in my own little world. I do live in my own world, I follow my own heart. And in following my own heart an immense Love for my fellow precious human being has emerged. So, I’m going to continue living in my own little world. I must deliver the message just as I feel it, straight from my heart. Thank you.