January 4, 2015


I have no idea what it is like to be dead. I have never been dead before. So, all I know is living and I have nothing better to compare it to. I have decided then to Love and appreciate my Life. I see my Life as a gift. There are those who say it is a gift from God, which is fine, for them. But what about those who do not believe in a God? I believe, Life is gift to them as well, it matters not where it comes from, period. To not appreciate the greatest gift I will ever receive, in my mind, is just downright rude! I Love my gift of Life. To not Love my most beautiful gift of Life, would be the most negative path I could possibly be on as I walk through this Life. How could I possibly expect good and positive things to come my way when I am in a negative mindset from the get-go? I’ve chosen the positive path and it works wonderfully for me. MANY, MANY encounters in my path which could have easily been negative, have turned into positives, which I can attribute to nothing other than my LOVE LIFE attitude. But, don’t just take my word for it my friends. Commit to chasing all the little negatives out of your path by first destroying the largest negative ever, with your very own, LOVE LIFE attitude.