January 3, 2015


And a very, very, “good morning to y’all!!” from just west of Sidney, New York. Please keep me in your prayers, thoughts, meditations, or, whatever’s, as I have some pretty bad weather forecast for my route. Mentioning prayer, which in my mind, is but, “a thought from the heart for the well being of another” I have a very dear friend in my hometown of Vero Beach, Florida, Stephen James Webb, whose precious little girl,13 year-old Hazel, goes in Tuesday for port surgery and will then be admitted to begin the first of three rounds of chemo. Hazel, who turns 14 on January 26, is being an absolute trooper and her mother Stephanie says her little girl is now her new hero. So, PLEASE have little Hazel, in your prayers, in your thoughts, in your meditations, or, in your whatever’s. Thank you! Starting out the new year with a LOVE LIFE attitude, thinking of the well being of another instead of our own, is the absolute best possible way to start!