January 1, 2015

A VERY Happy LOVE LIFE New Year to all my wonderful Facebook friends! LOVE LIFE, words I decided to put over my head and walk the United States of America with. After my son took his own precious Life, I wanted a message to suggest to all, a reason not only to not do what my little boy did, but a message to possibly keep others from any negative choices in their precious life. I never realized at first, over my head, were the two most powerful words in the Universe! To LOVE LIFE, is to Love and appreciate your own personal gift of Life. Loving our own gift of Life establishes a confidence within us which lessens our fear of others and thus, puts us more at ease with others. Being unafraid of and more at ease with others puts those encountered, much more at ease. Being as it is impossible within pure Love, for fear induced tension to exist, Love is more apt to flow. Also, with a LOVE LIFE attitude, no matter what situation presented to us, we look only for the positive and reject all negative thoughts. In time, after seeing the positive change in our Life, a faith is developed. A faith that all will work out for us no matter what! The experience of watching our positive LOVE LIFE attitude become dominant after constant practice of denying the evil of negative thought, creates that faith. The word faith, the substance of things hoped for but not seen, and is not copyrighted by manmade religions. LOVE LIFE with all your precious hearts and develop within your precious Life, a faith that you can handle whatever is thrown at you. LOVE LIFE for this wonderful New Year!!!!