December 31, 2014

I’ve been asked to repeat this:

There is a place beyond manmade politics, beyond manmade religions, it is the sacred and holy land of the individual, and few there are that find it. Most are content to stay within the herd where they feel safe, and continue to be followers for their entire lives. It is so very difficult to retain our individuality today, so as to listen to that different drummer, which is in fact, the beating of our own heart. It is so very difficult today to stay out of the herds and not conform to that most dangerous destructive mindset, the herd mentality. No matter which herd we’ve allowed to trick us into thinking we are being an individual by joining, fact is, we’re still in a herd. And only in a herd can one be herded. We can spend our entire lives jumping from one herd right into another herd, thinking the whole time, we are being an individual. When we choose a herd, we have lost our individuality; we have lost our individual power and are then just like everyone else in that particular herd. We then base our decisions on what the herd thinks and does; we are then a follower, a follower like the other sheep, but listening to the bleating of the herd mentality. We have been deceived into thinking our power is in numbers instead of in our own personal individuality. There is a part of all of us, the inner awareness of our own unique individuality, which we will never know as long as we continue to take on the labels, and continue to follow the creeds, doctrines and ideologies of the herds.

Love never separates, Love never divides its participants. Where there is division there is no Love. Both manmade politics and manmade religions are extremely guilty of this division. Love is not just a word, L-O-V-E is a term used to describe the most powerful force in the universe. Love is a term not to be used lightly. It may leave the lips a thousand times a day to fall straight to the floor if it doesn’t first pass through a heart unblocked by the dividing forces of anger, blame, and hatred. The power of Love exhibited depends on the purity of that Love, on how diluted and polluted it has become, by the anger, blame, and hatred, which division brings about. I found that claiming to LOVE LIFE and remaining divided in any way from my fellow precious human being, I was being a hypocrite.