December 30, 2014

12/30/2014. Wow, the year is nearly gone. Suggested New Years resolution, “I am going to practice chasing away ALL negative thoughts which create the fear in my Life that keeps me from being able to LOVE LIFE constantly.” When we do not Love and appreciate our gift of LIFE, we are not sending out Love to others, and so then, are not going to get back the huge amounts of Love we could be feeling. Only we are in control of our circumstances. Happiness is our responsibility to create with our own attitude toward Life. When we are blaming someone else for our personal outlook on Life, we waste time we could be using to correct our Life to the state of constant joy we are entitled to.

In Waverly, NY, Sunday, a guy named Jim came up to me all excited and said, “Hey Steve! I met you when you walked through here a few years ago! I had lunch with you and we talked about my battle with alcohol. I’ve now been 31 years sober!” He handed me a ten and said, “Here, I can’t have lunch with you today but I can buy yours.” He laughed and drove away. Yesterday, near Owego, A guy jumped out of the passenger side of an SUV and ran up to me with arms wide open for a huge bear hug! It was Kerry Root, who had picked me up years back to take me to his house for a huge party and clambake with all his friends. I met all kinds of cool people, including his parents. I talked to his mother about her tragic loss of her little girl. Kerry and I had stayed in touch for a little while. I expressed how sorry I was he had lost his father. He said his mom was still doing great though He offered me his home for the night and a hot meal, but I wanted to make some miles and declined the offer. He gave me another of those awesome bear hugs before he left. Man, I got friends all over the damn place! THAT is so cool!!! You wanna’ know why? Because I LOVE LIFE!