December 27, 2014


Took off from the motel yesterday on E. Water Street in Elmira, NY hoping to get a few miles in for the day when I spotted a street sign that said, W. Water Street… huh?? Crap, I had gone the wrong way! I had gone over a mile! I turned around and as I was telling myself what a moron I was, an older lady in a really old and rough looking car pulled alongside me. She said, “Do you need anything, are you okay?” I thanked her and told her I was fine and needed nothing. I also answered no when she asked if I needed any money. I told her why I walked after she asked. She then reached in her purse and drew out a twenty and handed it to me. Then she said, “Here, that’s not enough.” and handed me another twenty. While I was thanking her, she repeated, “Here, that’s not enough.” and handed me yet, another twenty! I asked was she sure she wanted to give me that much money. She said yes and asked if I needed more! I assured her I didn’t need more, and said, “Well, I guess you’re the reason I went the wrong way.” She laughed and told me she would never have been in that part of Elmira, but a friend had called her and said she had a plumbing problem and wasn’t sure she would have enough money to pay for it. She said, “So, I drew out some money for her and when I got there, the repair wasn’t as expensive as she thought it would be. So, I’ve got this money on me, you sure you don’t need more?” I again told her no. She said, “Look, I’ll get this back, I always get back what I give and then some. I’ve always given.” She finally accepted that I wouldn’t take any more. She smiled sweetly and said, “You stay safe and you stay happy, okay?” I said okay and she pulled away. Am I spoiled rotten or what! I’m spoiled because of the wonderful and special people I meet. That lady had a LOVE LIFE attitude. I’ve got a LOVE LIFE attitude. Just have a LOVE LIFE attitude and you too will meet others with a LOVE LIFE attitude. Life is so very simple.