December 24, 2014

Two mornings in a row waking to 20 degrees and a frozen tent. Man, talk about appreciating sitting here in the Holiday Inn at Elmira, NY, having really good coffee!! My room is courtesy of good friends, Toby &Carol A. Banks and Thai & Diamond Dang. I will be here tomorrow as well. There is a Christmas dinner buffet here tomorrow so I am set!!

I most certainly Love my Life just the way it is. I have much joy for Life, simply because I am totally content with who I am. My happiness is guaranteed by me and depends on no one else. Everyone knows that many marriages fail because of expectations one from the other to bring contentment into their life. If one is not already content with their life, this puts great pressure on the other and then huge disappointment for both. And the flow of Love stops. Well, in my mind, this applies to my relationship with all my fellow human beings. Being content with who I am, I need nothing from another. Being there are no expectations to be shattered, the Love flows freely and I may then Love you freely… and I do!!!! LOVE LIFE my friends and a VERY Merry Christmas to ALL!