December 20, 2014


Leaving my warm room in Wellsboro, PA this morning on PA 287 north to PA 328 into New York. Pretty remote in this part of the country so I’ll probably be tenting the next few days. Gonna’ be in the low 20’s tonight. My Hilleberg single wall 4 season tent is great protection from the wind and rain but has a lousy venting system, so I have to deal with a huge condensation problem. I keep several large microfiber towells to wipe down the inside of the tent and the shell of my bag. I have to do this 4 to 5 times a night to assure my bag doesn’t become soaked and useless. I think my personal metabolism also contributes to the problem. At any rate, I’m accustomed to it and I stay toasty all night. Damn hard coming out of that sleeping bag at 6:00 AM though! That and stupid daylight savings time is the reason I’m not making very good time these days. I will NOT walk after dark.

After this walk, I may never leave Florida again! I catch myself often, unconsciously singing, “She’s my Tallahassee Lassie” and, “Orange Blossom Special.” You know, “Going down to Florida and get some sand in my shoes…” LOVE LIFE and don’t forget to wipe your sleeping bag dry tonight .