December 19, 2014


About 7:00 AM this morning not far west of Wellsboro, PA, a lady from Couldersport, stopped to give me some fresh fruit. After hearing my story she said, “Not two month’s ago I lost my little girl at four and a half. She was born very deformed and with many health problems. My husband and I started having hope about a year ago when she started talking. She just loved my dad, who was a truck driver for 50 years. She started saying, “10-4″ whenever asked how she was.” She was crying as she told of her baby girl while in her arms, saying, “10-4” as the little darling took her last breath. Yes, I cryed with her. She said she and her husband took off for a couple weeks after losing their angel because they just didn’t want to hear all the meaningless condolences from one time friends and even some family who were too upset by the little ones deformities to come around while she was alive. I said, “Good for you, you are protecting her dignity and respecting her memory!” She told me the hardest thing right now is dealing with their other child, the 7 year-old sister. She said, “She lost her best friend.”

Now, are you sure your problems are so great? LOVE LIFE my friends and let us all allow perspective to keep us from stooping to the evil negative of self-pity and complaining about our precious gift of life.