December 15, 2014

I wrote this about ten years ago after I stopped following everyone else and began following only my own heart. My Love for my fellow human being has grown immensely since doing so. See, the heart is where our Love is located.
LOVE LIFE isn’t just
something you say it’s something you do!


Labels, labels, labels!
Why so many labels?
Did you forget your name?
Democrat, Progressive,
Mormon, Baptist, Moderate,
Secular Humanist and Buddhist too.
There are Liberals and Conservatives,
Indepedents and Communists,
Methodist, Unitarian, Hindu,
Charismatic, Marxist, Protestant,
Everywhere a Jehovah’s Witness!
Not to forget Christians and Moonies.
Choose Thesist or Athesist?
Pentecostal, Catholic, and New Ager…
Monkeys, baboons and apes…
Just kidding about the primates.
We’ve so many labels today!
Labels belong not on you,
And certainly not on I,
But on bottles and cans
to be catergorized…
And properly organized.
Having the same ingredients,
Serving the same purpose,
Place in the same box…
Use according to label

I’m changing to Love not labels because it just ain’t a workin the way we’ve been doing it. Only pure undivided and undiluted LOVE will work.?