December 14, 2014

Friday, a pretty lady (hell, you’re all pretty!) stopped and gave me an awesome cheeseburger and some money. Later, plowing though the deep snow to a proposed tent site, I unknowingly stepped into a large snow covered mud hole at least 2 feet deep and fell into it trying to pull my cart out. I was soaking wet but stayed warm because of proper clothing. But a few minutes later I found a church building with a vent from its gas furnace putting out heat to dry my stuff. Pitched my tent with door ooen to the vent, nice! Saturday, a young lady stopped and gave me money and said her friend had brought me a hamburger the day before. She said she had not been able to stop crying since reading my story. In her backseat in a childseat was her precious 3 year-old little girl, the reason for her heartfelt tears. LOVE LIFE because Life is truly wonderful!