November 30, 2014


I’ve been hiding from the cold and snow since Wednesday and will leave Meadville, PA today.

What a most beautiful gift we’ve all received and all share equally, LIFE, the act of breathing. I’ve done a whole lot of thinking and self-examination in my fifteen years of walking this beautiful land, mostly in solitude. I think the one most important discovery for me, was finding out exactly who I am. I discovered my very own unique individuality out of the other 7 billion unique individuals who inhabit this world. In finding my individuality, I’ve found a freedom which I believe, can never be taken from me, not even in a jail cell. Seriously. I believe, our power, our strength, is in our individuality and not in numbers as we’ve been taught.

The Love of our gift of Life is just a ‘THANK YOU’ note for the most precious of gifts. Proper etiquette is always noted and even rewarded. Love Life with all your heart and a path eventually will appear leading you to your personal gift of Life designed specifically for you, instructions are included on how you will use it.

LOVE of LIFE is just the obvious first use of LOVE to get our day started. LOVE will then spread out from there toward all in our path the rest of the day… that’s simply the power of LOVE. I believe, when we try ever so hard to LOVE LIFE no matter what is in front of us, LOVE then precedes us. The light of LOVE cannot shine from us unless we first turn on the light switch. LOVE LIFE!