November 29, 2014

Stuff I Think About In My Solitude.

My single most important goal in Life is to only Love. To have a heart-governed mind. What if every single person in the world only loved. There would be no problems in the world because ALL would Love and respect ALL. There would be no need for wars, nor even protests and boycotts, or other anger induced acts, because, we would solve our small differences in a spirit of Love before they became differences too large to gap. Do I believe this will ever happen? No, I do not. Because, we can only change ourselves to a permanent condition of Love, it is impossible to change the heart of another. I also do not believe murders will ever stop, but I’m not going to stop living my life believing that murder is horribly wrong. So, even though I believe a love filled world will never happen, I’m not going to stop my personal pursuit of only Love and respect for all my fellow human beings, because, I know Love is the ONLY answer to the world’s problems.

I will never judge you, be angry with you, ridicule you, or divide myself from you with manmade politics, going to the Left or to the Right, or manmade religions, believing THIS is the way to God and THAT way isn’t. I do not engage in negatives. To divide myself from my fellow human being for whatever reason, in my mind, is a negative. Love is pure and contains no negatives. And I want only to Love my precious fellow human being. As I mature away from following modern societies herd mentality, my true path to follow, opens up more and more, the one beginning at my own heart. To thine own heart be true.

We keep trying to change the world by changing leaders. Whether chosen by the people, self-appointed, or by inheritance, no leader in the history of humankind has changed the world to a permanent condition of peace. Because, peace can only come with a Love one for the other. We have to first, each change ourselves to a condition of Love within before we may enter a state of peace. We cannot expect others to change when we’ve not changed ourselves.

I Love my life. I love the way I’m living it and I love what I do. And I absolutely Love ALL of you. Love is the lubricant which can make the world turn smoother. We can be the most intelligent of people, the wealthiest of people, and the most powerful even. But, if we do not know genuine love for all our fellow human beings, we have nothing, and in reality, have accomplished nothing. Life is about Love. LOVE your LIFE.