November 27, 2014

11/27/2014. I’m in a motel room in Meadville, PA where I checked in yesterday courtesy of good friends Bob and Joan Dieker, whom I met back in Illinois on this walk. Joan had been following me for a while on Facebook and I spent the night in their home meeting all their wonderful family. On the way into town yesterday, a Pittsburgh police officer visiting family locally, brought me a coffee and a sandwich at the same time a sweet young lady was taking pictures of me for her paper, The Meadville Tribune. While she was photographing, a guy pulled up beside me and said, “Here I feel like I’m supposed to give you this,” and handed me $80.00. I thanked him, told him my story and gave him my card. Then, a young lady walked up to me with two huge bags of food. Bless her heart! Most of it though was bulky and very heavy. I thanked her and explained to her of my concern for weight. She smiled big and understood perfectly. It was snowing like crazy the whole time I was meeting all these wonderful people.

A friend I met while walking a little north of here in 2004, Sue Shultz, called and offered to come and get me for Thanksgiving in their home. I explained to her that I had been given the gift of a motel room for two days and I had decided I just wanted to be alone. She said she could understand perfectly my wanting to be alone but if I changed my mind to give her a call. A lady who saw my story in the paper came by the motel and brought me a big piece of pumpkin pie and some kinda’ fruit salad along with a lot of stuff I politely turned down because of weight. I found an Italian Restaurant across the street serving a Thanksgiving buffet, Chovy’s Italian Casual. It was awesome! Some of the best ham and turkey I ever had! I had a great Imperial IPA with my meal and thoroughly enjoyed myself.
A very Happy Thanksgiving to all of you.

I thoroughly Love and appreciate my gift of Life which becomes better and better as I mature away from complaining about anything, mature away from bitching and moaning about world conditions, and mature away from judging how my fellow human being has chosen to live their Life. Not Loving Life is a negative. And I’ll say this over and over again… negatives have never accomplished anything during the existence of humankind. So, be mature, LOVE LIFE.