November 26, 2014

I miss my little girl and my little boy so very much. My LOVE LIFE attitude is my tribute to the memory of my babies because I know they both loved me very much. And just as I wanted them to be joyful and content with their Life, they want my joy and contentment as well. LOVE LIFE, and make your loved ones happy, those still with us and those no longer here. The holidays bring back a lot of memories to we who’ve lost children and other loved ones. I share these verses I wrote during a time of missing my Shelly, my Stevie, so very much. Thank you for taking the time to read.

I am ever learning to Love Life. “Tiny Dancers” I wrote as a tribute to my children to assure them I am indeed learning and allowing my pain to further my understanding of life. Please heed my words, and, allow my story to encourage you to learn to Love your gift of Life with all your heart.

Tiny Dancers

In a song, “Hold me closer tiny dancer”
A thought imbedded, in my heart, that is.
I’ve two Tiny Dancers I no longer see.
Oh, just to hold closer,
But a moment, but a moment please.
My Tiny Dancers forever heart bound
Making me reach way inside
So as to feel, so as to know
To thine own heart be true.
Knowing life has placed all just right,
Right where all belongs exactly.
Oh beautiful the mystery of life.
My Tiny Dancers on a floor unseen
Inside my being, turning, twirling, for me,
Beckoning, come follow and see.
Watch as we twirl upon our dance floor
In a pattern of steps beyond your world.
Beyond pain lies the beauty of life,
A remedy within, upon a floor of glass
From which to watch… oh my,
The feet of my two Tiny Dancers,
Oh my… oh my.