November 23, 2014

Opened up my tent this morning not realizing that the rain all night had melted the snow and turned the already saturated ground into a pool under my tent. When I went to step out, my bathtub tent floor became just that, a bathtub. My laptop was in a 2 gallon Ziploc and two drybags, yet it still got wet! First time in seven years of keeping a laptop on my walks! It appears to be ruined, it will not come on. Can that be fixed or is it shot? Maybe there is a shop in my next town, Greenville, PA?? Soo, my updates will be limited til I can get my laptop fixed. I’ve been all day drying everything out. Think I only did six miles. BUT, I am LOVING LIFE and this too shall pass! Three people stopped and gave me food today and one lady gave me a twenty. One guy stopped and told me I must be born again and explained that he was trying to keep me from going to hell… he never gave me any food or anything . It’s ALL good. It’s ALL entertaining. Just LOVE LIFE damnit!