November 22, 2014

Good being in Amish country cause the shoulders are plowed as well leaving ample room for the horse drawn buggies. So I have room to walk. I really appreciate the reaction of concern after posting the pic of my tent in the snow. Please note my friends, I’ve been doing this for 15 years. I’ve hiked both the Appalachian Trail and the American Discovery Trail in their entirety. I’ve been in a snowstorm in the Cascades and the temp dropped to -5. I’ve been caught in storms on 14, 000 foot peaks.My tent is a virtual bombshelter. A Hilleburg Soulo. I have a -40 sleeping bag, a 0 degree bag, and a fleece liner. I have gobs of winter clothing and lots of experience. Got caught in an unexpected severe temperature drop here in Ohio once which I was not prepared for and I had to pick dry grass for a couple hours so to stuff betwern my longjohns and outer clothing. Worked perfectly to beef up my inadequate 40 degree bag. Slept like a baby! I am doing great! The outpouring of concern really touched my heart. Thank you all. The weather is supposed to improve tomorrow so this should be my last really cold night in the tent for awhile.Amish Country Ohio