November 20, 2014


In my tent behind a church at Parkman, Ohio. Started late so never got far today. It’s 25 now and dropping to 12 tonight. I have the right gear so I‘m fine. Did -5 near Stevens Pass in Washington’s Cascades in 2004. A lot of Amish near where I’m at. That means I’ll be woken up at 4:30 in the morning by horses clomping down the road. In the Corner Store & Cafe at Hiram today, a young Hiram police officer asked what I was doing while he waited for his to-go order. When I went to pay for my meal I was told the officer had already paid it. I ran quickly out the door and caught him as he was pulling out. I thanked him and told him what I tell all who help me, “in 15 years of walking I have never had to ask for one red cent or one morsel of food because of hearts like yours. My needs are always met.” LOVE LIFE just because of all the wonderful human beings occupying it with us.