November 17, 2014

From a motel room in Streetsboro, Ohio, watching the snow coming down and accumulating more and more. And baby it is COLD outside! Saturday, Facebook friends Dan and Emmy Strong found me after a two hour hunt. They’ve suffered that same horror of horrors as I, they lost their 17 year-old son to suicide. They drove me to the motel I’m currently in. They went into the lobby with me and as I was pulling out my wallet to pay for my room, Emmy slid a card across the counter and said, “No, Grandma Barb, is going to pay for this, she loved doing things like this for others.” Grandma Barb was Emmy’s mother and the credit card was for an account created from a small inheritance left by her mother. Thank you Grandma Barb! We then went for beers and talked long. They came and got me later to go to Jilly’s Music Room in Akron with them. A friend of theirs, Brad Bolten, was there and that was way cool because Brad and I met ten years ago when I walked through the area while walking around the United States! I met other great people and even got to dance. The music was awesome too. Mainly, because my good pal, Will Roth, built the very sophisticated sound system. The talent was awesome too. I LOVE LIFE so very much! I Love dogs and cats but I Love people more! People are just way cool.