November 13, 2014


From a motel room in Brunswick, Ohio. Last night, Just as I was preparing everything for a very cold night in my tent, I received a text from a wonderful Facebook follower and Brunswick resident, Tracey Buchheit, asking could I join she and son, 14 year-old Alex, at Bob Evans Restaurant for dinner! Yup, I jumped out of that tent and met them out on the highway. It was awesome. We had a great meal and great conversation. Alex, an exceptionally bright young man, shared with me his aspirations to join the U. S. Air Force. The great meal and great conversation with great people, made me feel warmer back in my tent.

On Monday, in a Laundromat in Wakeman, Ohio, just as I was putting all my gear back in order, a lady walked in with her laundry basket in her hands and exclaimed, “Oh good, I’ve seen you twice on the road and I just have to know your story. As soon as she heard of the deaths of my babies, she said, “This is no accident, meeting you. Do you have time to talk?” Amanda Jones, told me that in 2006 she lost her precious little girl, 10 year-old Kylie, after a four year battle with cancer. I am so very thankful I never had to watch either of my children die. She had to hear the question, “Mommy, am I going to die?” I remember my mother hearing those same words from my 14 year-old twin sister days before we lost her. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your children! No matter how old! No matter what they do or what they’ve done! Hug them often, whether they want you too or not! Hug them no matter how old they are! Tell them how very much you Love them, often! Just Love them. LOVE LIFE my friends and please use the perspective from the stories like mine and Amanda Jones, and way too many others, to make you more aware of how very blessed you are to have your children alive, to be able to hear their voices, to hug them.