November 10, 2014

11/10/2014. From a laundromat in Wakeman, OH. Will take OH route 303 from here to OH 88. Yesterday, just out of Norwalk, a man stopped because of my sign. He told me he loved life with all his heart. Emphasizing this with his eyes as he picked up his 5 year-old little boy, wearing the same style camo jacket as daddy. He told me he had done a tour in both Iraq and Afghanistan. When he came home he said he had a very difficult time. He told it like this, “Man, I was there man. I was just inches from ending my life man! I just wanted out. I put it off just long enough to meet this little guys momma.” He kissed the little ones cheeck and continued, “She loved me and still does. We have four little girls at home and I can’t imagine life without them.” Man, is there anything I can go and buy for you, anything?” I thanked him and told him I needed nothing.
Stopped at what was once an old Gulf gas station, Tom & Lisa’s Gulf Inn and had great chili and an Ohio craft beer, Commodore Perry IPA. Everyone in the bar asked me questions. A very large biker whose Harley I had noticed outside, grimaced as if hit with a sharp pain when I told of losing both my children. When I went to pay my bill, I was told it had been paid. The biker, who had left earlier, had paid it. LOVE LIFE so that you radiate a positive attitude at all times. And then, TALK to people!!!! Others need your positive attitude. And in most cases, we never know who. So, we have to be willing to talk to all!!!!