November 2, 2014

11/2/2014 from a room in Maumee, Ohio where I hid from rain all day Friday. Saturday there was no rain, only the lure of College Football! Go Gators!

I have made the most profound discovery I’ll make in my lifetime. I have found my own innate unique individuality. My true individuality, not the one I once thought to be real, the one created by my onetime adherence to our modern manmade society. The one in which I followed modern society’s herd mentality with all its diversions of manmade religions, creeds, parties and doctrines created by someone other than myself, somewhere in time, instead of following my own heart.

This discovery has given me my own peace within. And with that new found peace within, I have found a Love even greater than the most powerful exhibition of love known to the human species of animal, that moment when the precious newborn is placed in its mother’s arms.

Believe it or not, there is a Love even greater than that best human example. This pure Love I’ve found is the Love source which created that beautiful epitome of human Love, the newborn in its mother’s arms. It is the most powerful force in the universe available to the human being. It can even stop the fear, anger, hatred, and blame which so divides us from each other. I found this powerful Love contained within my heart when I stopped following others and started following naught but my own heart, seeking a heart governed mind.

After telling this to some, I’ve been told I am living in my own little world. Well, good! For, there is no hatred in my own little world, no judgment, no blame, and therefore, no sense in complaining. There is only Love. What if we all lived in our own little world? LOVE LIFE