October 29, 2014


In a truck stop at Delta, Ohio. I will leave Delta, on US 20-A to US 20 skirting the bottom of Toledo, going thru Woodville, Fremont Clyde, Bellevue, Monroeville, and Norwalk. At Wakeman, I’ll take OH 303 just below the Cleveland metropolitan area, passing thru or near Oberlin, Lagrange, Grafton, Brunswick, Parkman, , Hudson, Streetsboro, Windham, Newton Falls, Warren, Niles, and Girard. In Freedom, OH I will take OH 88 thru Garrettsville, Parkman, West Farmington, Mecca, Johnston, and Vernon. I will leave Ohio on OH 88 entering Pennsylvania on PA 358 near Greenville, PA. I have about 190 miles of Ohio. I will post my route through Pennsylvania and into New York later.

LOVE LIFE, Love and respect all your fellow human beings just as they are. THAT means you should Love and respect even those evil, mind numbed, and robotic followers of that MANMADE political party other than the MANMADE political party you follow. Personally, I do not follow politics, there is no Love in politics. I want only to Love my fellow human being, not be divided from them. Manmade politics is easy to figure out, just watch a dog chase its tail