October 21, 2014


Got rained on quite a bit yesterday. Walking into Charlotte, MI, a lady was waiting for me in her beat up old blazer holding a leather change purse out toward me. She was mute. She touched her heart and then tapped my chest, She pointed upward and then drove off. The change purse said, Mazatlan, Mexico on it and contained a five and about four dollars in change. About three blocks later, I heard a sound behind me and turned to see the mute lady making the only sounds she could as loud as she could, to get my attention. This time she handed me a twenty, which I tried to refuse but she wouldn’t have it. She wrote on a piece of paper questions about what I was doing and then handed me the paper and pen. Evidently, Kathleen Atkins, was deaf as well. I gave her my card and wrote down why I walked. She wrote that she loved Life very much. That she believed in God. She touched both our hearts again with her hand and kept repeating something as she kept pointing back and forth from herself to me and I’m fairly certain she was trying to say, “I Love you.” Some things out here on the road, I cannot help but cry openly.

In a Charlotte, MI, motel, the clerk, Shawn Jenkins, proud mother of three little boys, gave me the best price she was allowed to give. After hearing my story, she told me she lost her little brother to suicide about eight years ago. We talked about it quite awhile. An hour later Shawn called my room and asked me to join her for a fresh pizza she had just ordered! While she and I were talking, she pushed toward me a plastic container of caramel filled chocolate fudge, labeled with the name of her business, “Sweetest Revenge” – Custom Cakes-Cupcakes-Cake Pops. This is what she does when she’s not working her other two jobs to help support her family. I LOVE LIFE because it is filled with so very many Love filled precious individuals. Get out there and meet as many of them as possible, please.