October 16, 2014


Leaving Sheridan, Michigan, this morning, as the rain has stopped for now. I like to post this reminder to all my wonderful friends from time to time:

Love of Life is just the obvious first use of Love to get our day started. Love will then spread out from there toward all in our path the rest of the day. That’s simply the power of Love. I believe, when we try ever so hard to Love Life no matter what is in front of us, Love then precedes us. The light of Love cannot shine from us unless we first turn on the light switch. LOVE LIFE!

Loving life is just something we as individuals determine to do. We simply make our mind up to Love Life and take the energy we’ve spent blaming it and put it toward loving it. Life is never our enemy; our attitude toward Life is our enemy… or our friend. To LOVE LIFE is to use the express lane to the beauty of Life.

So, let’s push on and love the gift of Life we’ve been so wonderfully blessed with. When we awake and feel that air on our upper lip, we have indeed been gifted another day. Realize the miracle of that moment first and foremost, grab onto it and hold onto the beauty of our precious gift of Life. Give that moment precedence over all other thoughts attempting to cause you to put the beauty of being alive yet one more day into second place. Nothing is more sacred than our gift of Life. Hold onto the moment as long as it takes for the realization of the beauty of Life to supersede and conquer all negative thoughts. LOVE LIFE, and fall in love with the act of breathing