October 15, 2014


In a motel near Sheridan, MI. Haven’t made much time due to all the rain. I’ve been asked to repeat this personal observation and a couple of my quotes from a few years back:

It appears to me, that our whole world is in chaos because intellect has been confused for wisdom. Only the power of Love can change our world. See, when one loves their fellow human being so much that they are willing to let go of self, they are then not yielding to self-righteousness. When one is not being self-righteous, they can then more easily see a truth other than what they have determined to be the only truth. Truths are constant, they do not change for the individual. To see this fact, I believe, is wisdom. An example of truth; our human intellect has never ever been able to create permanent peace in the world during our existence. Wisdom, is seeing that our intellect can never accomplish world peace. Peace is the condition brought about by mutual love and respect amongst our fellow human beings. When we love our fellow human being we do not want to harm them, to control them, to change them, or to take from them. Only Love can bring about real peace among human beings.
Debating with a so-called intellectual is akin to arguing with a drunk. They’re intoxicated with their own ego. Words are their alcohol. The bigger the word the more alcohol content, and the more they talk the drunker they get, making even less sense.” ~ Steve Fugate

“There is a common disease very prevalent today among intellectuals, it’s called the Paralysis of Analysis. It can be cured by simple truths. However, just as the AIDS virus hides in the cytoplasm of cells from the immune system, Paralysis of Analysis hides in the ego from the truth.” ~ Steve Fugate