October 10, 2014

10/10/2014. In a motel room in Evart, Michigan. Yesterday, coming out of a c-store where I had purchased some Nyquil to deal with the sniffles I’ve had for a few days, Russell, approached me to find out my story. After telling my story, he said, “You need anything?” I said no, and then he asked, “You need some money?” To which I also said no. He then said, “Are you sure sir, because I would really like to help.” I said, “Okay, I do accept donations sir.” He smiled big, reached in his pocket and pulled out folded bills in a clip, extracted a hundred dollar bill and said, “I have a very successful paint & body shop, I pay back whenever I can. You have really inspired me. Go get a motel room and take care of that cold so it don’t get worse.” Thank you ever so much Russell! The cold has just about run its course and I’m getting much better. I’ve been treating it since last Saturday.

The world appears to be in chaos right now, and this naturally creates much fear. The fear causes us to worry about things which are completely out of our control. Logic tells us we cannot change it but the fear keeps us worrying. Folks, only Love can permanently change anything. Let us Love our Life, that precious gift we’re endowed with at birth, until Love becomes the most prevalent part of who we are. Let’s LOVE LIFE until we Love before we look, Love before we talk, and eventually, Love before we think. Then, we are on the path to a heart governed mind. This will change that little part of the world each of us occupies.