October 5, 2014


I can be such a drifty dork when it comes to computers!! I owe all those “following” me on Facebook, a HUGE apology!!!!! I did NOT know that there is an “other” message box for those who can only follow because Facebook limits us to 5000 friends. To ALL 8,382 of you following, I sincerely apologize for not seeing your messages if you left one!! I am now in the process of trying to answer all. It will take me some time but I will do my best to answer ALL of them! There are a lot! I just recently became aware of the limitations to “followers” only. I promise to check the “other’ message box regularly from now on. LOVE LIFE my friends and thank you for following my LOVE LIFE walk!!!!

Leaving Ludington this morning. The rain has slacked up and the weather is forecasted as clear for the rest of the week here in this part of beautiful Michigan. Man, it feels really good to be back in my time zone! And, I am walking in my second favorite direction, East. My favorite direction of course, is South. I intend to have a wonderful day today, and so, I will. I LOVE LIFE because it offers so very much adventure, excitement. Much of that adventure and excitement comes from the new people I will encounter. And, much of it comes from the beautiful solitude I will encounter and appreciate because of having found my own beautiful innate unique individuality. LOVE LIFE with all your precious and beautiful heart until you find and become secure in your beautiful innate unique individuality and meeting new people becomes an exciting adventure. Lose you fear, LOVE LIFE!