October 2, 2014

Julia Atkins posted this on my Facebook page today. Talk about encouragement for me!

“There was a period in my life in which I was suffering a lot and I spent time recovering in the hospital. There was a day I sat with fellow patients in an activity room with a nurse and I realized that all of us were going through loss of suicide or struggling with horrible depression. I showed the short documentary about you Love Life: The Story of Steve Fugate, and the tears and emotions began to pour out from everyone. We sat a long time together in silence just embracing one another. In that moment you affected a lot of people and really opened their eyes. I wanted to pass that story on to you to let you know just how far your influence can go.”

Julia Atkins, I thank you for sharing your story. Most of all though, we all thank you for doing a most difficult task, caring enough about others and pushing past your own state of mind, and sharing with your fellow precious human being! We applaud YOU!

I am very proud of the large number of precious individuals following my walk and Facebook updates, who suffer from depression, I get nothing but encouragement and positive input from them. A key reminder for me, to keep doing what I do.