October 2, 2014

Stayed in Ludington, Michigan one more day as it was pouring rain most of the day. I got a lot done. I reinforced my “LOVE LIFE” sign where it had come apart at the bottom. Life is good. I’ll have to leave tomorrow, rain or no rain.

LOVE LIFE folks and be so very thankful for the way your life is going because you have the power within you to change it if it starts veering away from the way you want it to be. Do not bitch, just change it. Do not blame, just change it. It is not the huge corporations fault, not the fault of the wealthy, not the politicians fault, not the Lefts fault, and not the Rights fault. It is no one’s fault, it is just your Life’s path for this time and is up to you to deal with in a positive manner, then learning to convert self-pity to self-reliance. So, let’s stop blaming and complaining, and start climbing upward. When we see that the fault lies in nothing other than our own lack of personal responsibility, we then learn to rely on the immense power of our own innate unique personal individuality. Our strength is in finding and then walking in the uniqueness of each our own individuality. Not, in following everyone else. Take a look around, much of today’s society believes it okay to blame everything and everyone, instead of accepting responsibility for our own path in Life. Let’s step away from that herd mentality and learn to Love our Life just as it is, and we can then watch it change rapidly for the better. Let’s LOVE LIFE so that love may be the most prominent part of our being, assuring our fellow human being feels the love. LIFE is about LOVE!