September 29, 2014

I’m in a motel at Manitowoc, Wisconsin. I will take the car ferry, SS Badger, across Lake Michigan to Ludington, Michigan, tomorrow. I want to thank all my friends in the Love Life Support Group for hosting a fund raiser for my walk at Waldo’s in Vero Beach Florida yesterday.

I’ve made the most amazing discovery during my years of walking and all the solitude I’ve experienced. I discovered that Love is most powerful when not diluted by things which are foreign to Love. You know, stuff that just don’t fit in with the energy and the beauty of Love. I felt more Love filling up my heart as I made room for all that extra Love by trying with all my heart, to stop judging others, to stop blaming others, to stop complaining about anyone or anything, to forgive others immediately, to forget about my own problems by focusing on the needs of others, and to never ever harm another precious human being in any way. The more real Love we’re capable of giving, the more Love we’re then eligible to receive. This, I’ve discovered, starts with a LOVE LIFE attitude and is the path to a heart governed mind.