September 26, 2014

Meet Chuck Winters Jr. When he was 24 we met while I was walking in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. He is now 34! Is that cool or what! Ten years ago he offered me a ride into town. I turned it down so he drove into town and got me something to eat. We then sat in his car and talked for nearly two hours. He told me that our conversation has had a huge impact on his life. At the time, he was working for a skateboard parts company called True Ride. He placed their decal on my “LOVE LIFE” sign. We both agreed it was a perfect fit. I spent the night at his home in Manasha, WI, last night. We had more awesome conversation. Oh, he knew I was somewhere in the area, but it was by complete chance he saw me on his way home from work yesterday. LOVE LIFE and really cool people keep coming back into your life.