September 24, 2014

9/24/2014. Let’s face this new day for what it is, a new gift to replace the gift we received yesterday. It is an even better gift than yesterday was, just because it is brand new and fresh. I love my gift of Life so very much. I Love your gift of Life as well. Because I’ve learned to Love and appreciate my own gift of Life so very much, I’m now enabled to appreciate the precious lives of my fellow human beings. WOW, just look at all those gifts walking around us! No wonder it is called the beauty of Life. Yes, there are bad things being done to humans by other humans, all over the world. Yes, they are out of my control and so I cannot change them. None of those bad things would be occurring if those involved were projecting Love. I can make sure though that I project nothing but Love toward my fellow human being within the space I occupy today. I can make sure my Love toward my precious fellow human being stays constant and powerful, by not allowing it to be weakened with the foolishness of fear induced, anger, hatred, and blame. Foolish because, if I cannot change it, there is no sense in keeping it in my thought process. I can only change myself for the better. I do this by overpowering the fear generating negative thoughts with thoughts of how very much I appreciate my new and oh so fresh gift of Life I received this morning when I woke up breathing! Practice daily, with all your heart, a LOVE LIFE attitude, instead of practicing worry every day, and you will learn to Love, Love, Love! I guarantee it. You then, will be making a difference in the world.