September 23, 2014

9/23/2014. From a motel in Wautoma, Wisconsin. This encounter happened over a year ago, on this walk I’m now on. I think it definitely worth repeating:

Sunday, walking through Quincy, Illinois, an older lady in a really beat up early 90’s T-bird drove past pointing at me all excited and was saying something, but I was unable to hear her. There were wooden wedges keeping the power windows from falling down. A few minutes later she pulled alongside me. She had to be at least 80. Her hair was dyed jet black though. She offered me a ride which I turned down. She was very sweet and kept asking me was there anything she could do for me. She was very frail and just did not look healthy at all. And all of a sudden she said, “What would you do if six attorney’s, two judges, and your family members turned on you?” I immediately said, “Forgive them and get on with my life.” She said, “This has destroyed me.” I said, “Fight back.” She said that she was fighting. I said, “I’m not talking about that kind of fighting, I’m talking about fighting to get your joy back so you can love life again.” She looked stunned, like she had never even thought about that. I told her I had lost both my babies and she put both her little skinny hands over her heart and told me how very sorry she was. Neither of us said anything for a minute, then she said to me, “But they have my money.” I told her that I once lived with a girlfriend who was worth several million dollars. And that I became quite unhappy in the situation and just put my backpack on one day and left. I was 60 at the time and even though the backpack was at least 50 pounds, I jumped up in the air and clicked my heels together while climbing a steep hill! I was free, I got my joy back. She laughed with delight at my story. She really cracked up when I told her I was singing verses from that Paul Simon song, “No need to be coy Roy. Just hop out the back Jack! Make a new plan Stan. Don’t need to discuss much, jus’ get yourself free.” I said, “Look, I’m not telling you that you shouldn’t try and get what’s rightfully yours, I’m simply saying, get your priorities straight. Your joy and having peace of mind is worth more than any amount of money. And when you are at peace within yourself you think much clearer and things just plain old go much smoother. Just forgive everybody and get your joy back.” She just was totally delighted and said, “I knew I was supposed to stop and talk to you. I’m going to try, I’m going to really try. Thank you very much!” She offered me a ride one more time and then drove away smiling. I didn’t give her some great revelation, I just spoke a simple fact that we all really know to be true deep down inside us. Life is so very simple, the reason I LOVE LIFE so very much.

Many do not get to see the goodness in people that I see, because they’re moving too fast. Objects do not blur when I walk past, nor do individuals. LOVE LIFE with all your heart and watch your heart grow, it has to, in order to contain all the love you will have coming your way. To Love Life is to find the path leading to the beauty of Life