September 15, 2014

9/15/2014. From a motel room in West Salem, Wisconsin. To friends! I just did what I can only call, a geographically unwise decision. Knowing winter is just around the corner, and that I still have to walk up to the border of Maine and then walk the entire Northeast to get home to Florida, I, instead of wisely walking due east from where I was, in Duluth Minnesota, made a decision to walk 255 miles south to La Crosse, Wisconsin. I went to see my friend. My friend has Parkinson’s. It’s a progressive disease and it has progressed in my dear friend, very much so. I’m glad I went to see my friend. I think I made the wiser decision. What a special addition to our beautiful gift of life, our friends. I LOVE LIFE and I love all my friends. This is to friends, to appreciating good friends, and to being a good friend. I Love and appreciate you all.