September 14, 2014


Friday, it rained constantly from the time I took down my tent until I made it to Winona, Minnesota and a motel for the night. The good part, I covered well over 20 miles. You can’t stop and sit down in a pouring rain without feeling even more miserable, so you just keep walking fast.

I am now snug and secure in the beautiful home of my dear friend, Ron McKelvey. His wife Chris, a longtime Yoga instructor, is also, a superb cook! I met Ron, a retired chemistry professor from the University of Wisconsin, while walking through a small town along old route 66 in Arizona. He came out of the restaurant he and his friend were having breakfast in and invited me in to join them. We’ve been friends ever since. He even walked 17 miles with me in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. He had just been diagnosed with Parkinson’s. He can no longer drive a car but that didn’t stop him from buzzing us all over his 75 wooded acres last night in his John Deere Gator. What a blast!

Waiting for me at the McKelvey home, were letters of encouragement from beautiful people all over this wonderful country. There was big box of treats, and $720.00 in donations!!!! I also received a box of white rubber wrist bands saying, “LOVE LIFE” on them! YAY! Also waiting for me were my brand new -40 degree North Face Dark Star sleeping bag, and a new Hilleberg Soulo Tent. THANK YOU from the VERY bottom of my heart to all my beautiful friends!!!! I love you so very much!!!!

LOVE LIFE no matter what and it will eventually create a steadfast faith within you that will always defeat the fear lying to you trying to convince you otherwise. LIFE is beautiful, accept it as such, and treat it as such. Lose the fear, gain the faith, LOVE LIFE.