September 10, 2014

ALL manmade things are fallible. Cars break down, planes and computers crash. Hell, even a toaster oven goes bad eventually. So, I am an equal opportunity disbeliever in all manmade religions and manmade politics. Because, I believe them to be the greatest cause of division one from the other, amongst the human being in our history of existence. They both cause anger, dissent, and even hatred. They cause families to divide and friends to stop speaking to each other. They’ve both been with us nearly since our beginning and neither have taken the hatred and anger out of the world. They’ve but added to it. The world is still a mess. I will entertain nothing which has the possibility of separating me from my precious fellow human being. I love you. Love is a constant, not subject to variables and boundaries. Love has no walls to climb. Differences divide, division weakens the power of Love. I’ll have no part of it while my fellow human beings are killing themselves because they cannot find the Love they require. PLEASE, let’s grow up and stop dividing ourselves from each other and Love each other instead! Love, Love, Love. NOT, divide, divide, divide.