September 7, 2014

Yesterday, a very beautiful and very stylishly dressed middle aged lady, got out of her car, walked up to me smiling and said, “I just have to know what you’re about.” As soon as she heard that my son had taken his own life, she started sobbing! I mean sobbing, uncontrollably. I reached and put both her precious hands in mine and said, “sweetheart I am so very sorry for your loss.” She jumped back in her car and said, “my son he…” She continued sobbing and as she was pulling out she said several times, “thank you!”. And I repeat, if you are 70 years-old and your mama is still alive, you are her baby! You do not have the right to take your own life it doesn’t belong just to you. It belongs to your loved ones as well. LOVE LIFE with all your heart.